about me

I am a web developer and designer born and raised in West Michigan. I spend most of my time perfecting my craft and working on interesting projects.

When I was very young I was introduced to computers. It was at that point I knew I wanted to grow up to work with them at an intricate level. I've since become a jack of all trades with software and web application development. I am able to move through each of the phases of the development of an application with ease. All the way from the initial designing phase to final deployment.

My goal right now is to continue learning more about software and web development. At some point in the far future I would like to be a professor and teach others, but right now it is my time to create.


I’m always looking to expand my portfolio. You’ll find my latest projects below.

Wayback Audio

This is a custom WordPress theme designed for a stereo shop in Grand Rapids, MI. It's responsive and is a single page design.

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BarGames Concept

A design concept for a sports game finding web application that never got farther than the design stage.

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Corner Record Shop

A website for a local record store. It has a simple static design with GetSimple as the CMS in the background.

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Happy Elephant Child Care

A website designed for a child care business operated out of Flint, MI. It's responsive and does not use any backend technologies.

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Here are some of my skills in order to give you a high-level idea of what I can do. I am always learning because there is always something that I do not know, and I will never consider myself a master of anything technical.

  • Master.
  • Great.
  • Good.
  • Learning.
  • Beginning.
  • html & css
  • wordpress & perch
  • angular js
  • web design
  • playing board games
  • c#
  • seo
  • sql
  • asp.net
  • javascript & jquery


Feel free to send me a message. I love meeting new people.

I’m always open to new opportunities. You can reach me easily using the nearby contact form.

You can also give me a call at the number listed below, reach me through email, Google-plus, or LinkedIn. I will do everything in my power to get back to you as soon as possible.